Properties Storage Coordinator

Job Description: The Props Storage Coordinator is responsible for the organization, coordination, and security of the Theatre Department props storage. This staff member enforces a check-out/check-in system for issuing Theatre Department props to Stage Managers and Directors of mainstage and student-directed productions, as well as to individuals in academic courses or student organizations who may wish to use props for presentations or other work and have obtained written approval from the Department Chair. Attendance at all mainstage Strike calls is required. Minimum of 2 hrs/week flex time (plus 5 Strike calls, 4 hrs each).

Preferred Skills/Attributes: Superior organizational abilities; attention to detail; upbeat, enthusiastic attitude; excellent interpersonal skills; ability to enforce department security policies for props storage areas; some experience in inventory organization and management (retail, etc.); ability to work independently without much direct supervision; First Aid and Adult CPR certification (provided by the department upon hiring).

Preferred Experience in the Department: At least one (1) department-sponsored production as Props Coordinator or (Assistant) Stage Manager; some additional experience working with department faculty and staff in coursework (especially Theatre 115: Introduction to Stagecraft) and/or productions.

Availability: This position is a one-year position, extendable for a second year upon successful reapplication. It is open to students who have completed at least one year at Grinnell College. The student in this position must be studying on campus for the entire academic year.