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Group of students at Glasnevins Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland
Brigittine French, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, led her Anthropology 395 students, accompanied by Casey Oberlin, Assistant Professor of Sociology to Dublin, Ireland for a week during spring break.
Goncharova visiting fellow reading at Russian department

Working with the students in the Russian Senior Seminar, Marianna Goncharova, Russian Writer-in-Residence, presented several of her Russian short stories to the College in English.

Singh gives a talk on Bollywood

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, International Visiting Fellow and Assistant Professor at the Centre for English Studies at Jawaharlal University in Delhi, India, Dhanajay Singh, gave a talk on contemporary Bollywood to faculty, students, and staff.

Chilean Mathematician, Dr. Anita Rojas, spends Spring 2015 at Grinnell as the International Heath Professor

Dr. Anita Rojas, Chilean Mathematician, hosted by Jennifer Paulhus, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, came for the spring semester, 2015 as the John R. Heath Professor. 

Endowed in honor of John Reardon Heath, Grinnell Class of 1919, who was an active member and President of the Grinnell Board of Trustees and gave steadfast support to Grinnell’s long and continuing engagement with the world, the Heath Professorship brings to Grinnell College the most distinguished international figures for a semester-length stay. 

Final project for the 2015 Grinnell-in-Washington Internship Seminar course.

Chuck Adkins-Blanch '84 with a circle of students

Thanks to a new program at Grinnell College, Alumni in the Classroom, offered to connect students with alumni, David Cook-Martín department of sociology chair and director of the Center for International Studies, brought Chuck Adkins-Blanch '84 to campus for a lunch and lecture with students.

Manuel Gadella Spanish Physics Professor Heath Professorship Grinnell College

Each year the Center for International Studies oversees the Heath Professorship, which brings to Grinnell College the most distinguished international figures for a semester-length stay. For the fall 2015 semester, the physics department hosted Professor Manuel Gadella of the University of Valladolid, Spain. Prof. Gadella taught two special topics courses that are not currently covered in the physics department curriculum.

As many of you are aware, it can be challenging to keep the "News" block of the department landing pages (Group Info pages, technically speaking) up-to-date. If the department doesn't sponsor lots of events or have lots of announcements, the news in that area can get pretty outdated - sometimes even by years.

The run-up to the Iowa caucuses is when all the presidential candidates remind us how cool they think Iowa is. (At least they say Iowa is cool, but we can’t be sure that the latter signifies the former.) Bernie Sanders said so four or five times on Thursday at a rally in Central Park in Grinnell. To justify the title of this essay, let me note that he also commented on the heat (it was 90 F) in the context of advocating for universal health care, suspecting that some of his audience were going to suffer heat strokes.

I'm very excited to announce that we can now create blogs on the website! These blogs aren't for individuals necessarily, but rather those who wish to blog under the institutional umbrella. For instance, the Center for Prairie Studies has a Director's Corner and the Faulconer Gallery has a Director's Blog called "Art Worlds Every Day," both of which were on the retro site and can now be supported on the new site.