Happenstance Theater (April 2014)

Happenstance is a professional company committed to devising and producing original, performer-created visual, poetic theater. With the simplest means Happenstance seeks to elevate the moment when the performers and audience meet, to lift the encounter beyond the daily and pedestrian into the realms of dreams, poetry, and art. Meaning is often found by happenstance.

Scott Hocking (March 2014)

Detroit-native Scott Hocking photographs his struggling city and creates installations using materials left in the abandoned, crumbling environments he explores. In both exposing and enlivening the decay and deterioration, Hocking is reliant on the passage of time, and his regular visits to sites affords a record of the seasons and years his work endures. Hocking’s visit was co-sponsored by the Music, Art and English Interdisciplinary Course (Innovation Fund project) and Writers@Grinnell.

Scott Blake (November 2013)

Scott Blake received his BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003. He has exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Paris, Vienna, and beyond. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, FHM, Bizarre, Art Papers, and Adbusters magazine have all featured his Barcode Art.  In addition he has been interviewed on ABC World News Tonight, BBC, Boing Boing, and Tech TV. Blake was born in Tampa, Florida in 1976 and currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska.