Our mission is, in part, to graduate individuals “who are prepared in life and work to use their knowledge and their abilities to serve the common good.” Community service helps you gain the experience and skills you’ll need to do so, and we’re committed to supporting it. 

Volunteer opportunities here include service-oriented student groups, co-curricular volunteerism (service-learning) where you apply what you’re learning to public service such as issue advocacy, social or policy action, and community service projects.

Our community service office helps groups find funding, works with faculty to identify and promote volunteer opportunities that support course-work, and provide transportation for volunteers.

Most of our service programs are student-founded and -run. We offer exceptional financial support for volunteer activities, collaborative programs with more than 80 local organizations,  alternative break options, and a volunteer initiative program where students’ volunteer hours earn money for the organizations they partner with.

Popular service groups and opportunities include:

•       Liberal Arts in Prison Program

•       Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell

•       The Neverland Players

•       Social Justice Action Group

•       Alternate Break

•       Partnerships with local non-profits

•       Mentoring and tutoring local and regional students 



The Pioneer Bookshop will donate 10% of all sales in December to the Grinnell High School library.

Associate professor of philosophy honored for her work to improve children’s mental health care in Iowa.