At Grinnell getting around requires nothing more than your own two feet. A vibrant, walkable downtown full of restaurants, stores, and services is just two blocks away. And when you need to travel further, we’ll help you get there.


Get around campus

  • Start rolling with the campus public bicycle program.

Get downtown

  • Reserve a seat on the College shuttle to local grocery and department stores.

Get around

Get home (and back!)

  • Book a College break shuttle to/from, Des Moines airport.
  • Make the trip on your own terms, with local taxis, buses, and car-pool services.

Specific Purposes

Many campus offices also provide transportation for specific purposes: Need to pick up a prescription at the local pharmacy? Contact Student Health and Counseling Services. Want to attend an off-campus religious service or event? Check with the folks at the Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice. And Student Affairs staff members are always ready to help, at sa[at]grinnell[dot]edu or 641-269-3700.