An on-campus job is about more than earning money to pay for tuition, books, and an occasional pizza (although those are all great reasons to get one). These jobs can give you skills and experiences that will benefit you long after you graduate

Finding the Right Job

  • There are lots of opportunities for paid work at Grinnell College.
  • Most campus jobs are offered first to students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Pay rates and typical hours vary by position.
  • First-year students are assigned their first job, but you’re free to pursue other opportunities any time.
  • You can often find jobs through academic department and campus office websites.

Whether you hope to give campus tours, tutor students, work as a building monitor, or serve as a research assistant, there are many advertised opportunities. In some cases, more specialized positions can be created based on your experience and interests.

Thinking Bigger

Full-time summer jobs allow students to pursue more significant projects and learning experiences, often through internships or grant-funded opportunities. To continue major academic projects, you can apply for funding to pursue mentored advanced projects (MAPs). You might also find what you’re looking for with one of more than 20 different grant-funded opportunities sponsored by the College and Grinnell alumni.

Other summer jobs are typically available by department — your professors may be able to fund summer research or other projects linked to your area of study.

Need to think bigger? More extensive lists of summer job and career opportunities are available through the Career Development Office. That’s also where you’ll find some of the most popular job-search links as well as extensive resume, cover letter, and interview advice.