Grinnell has more than 200 student groups, ranging from the serious to the silly, but no sororities or fraternities. Groups meet daily, weekly, or monthly. If you don't see a group you like on the list, make one!

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Advocacy and Support

Active Minds
We are a student based mental health group on campus. Our goal is to eradicate mental health stigma through the education of students on campus.
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Asexual/Aromantic Support Network
The Asexual/Aromantic Support Network focuses on providing a safe space for asexual/aromantic spectrum students and their allies to discuss their identities and their experiences navigating the world of compulsory sexuality and romanticism.
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Grinnell Advocates
Confidential, campus-based support for survivors of sexual assault, misconduct and partner violence.
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Peer Support Group
Peer Support Group is a student-facilitated safe and confidential space for all students to share any personal issues they may be facing. This does not mean that one must have a major issue in their life that's affecting them; rather, we encourage anybody to come who is interested in helping others out by being a supportive ear. Students will meet weekly with the same people in small groups to build close bonds.
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Queer Mental Health Group (QMHG)
QMHG is a discussion group that meets weekly to discuss the intersections of mental health and LGBTQ identity. All students are welcome at our confidential meetings.
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Queer Mentorship Program
Need to talk? You can email the Queer Mentorship Program and ask for a mentor to meet with confidentially, one on one, and talk about issues related to sexuality and gender identity. Interested in mentoring? We're always looking for student mentors.
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Stonewall Resource Center (SRC)
The Stonewall Resource Center exists as a confidential safe space to serve the campus' Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning community and their Allies. Our primary focus is to provide resources and information about GLBTQ issues and to facilitate educational programming and activities on campus.
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Student Athlete Mentors
Grinnell student-athletes realized the lack of resource-centered outreach toward members of the campus athletic community. We wanted to dedicate leadership positions to student-athletes in order to create a more visible bridge between the athletic teams and the plethora of wellness, academic, social, and athletic resources at Grinnell.
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Transgender Advocacy Group (TAG)
TAG meets weekly in the SRC to discuss issues of transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and other non-binary gender presentations and identities. Meetings are open to all trans and cisgender individuals interested in learning more about gender and gender issues.
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Application Development (AppDev)
We are a student group interested in producing high quality mobile applications and training new students to produce mobile applications.
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Busy Beekeepers
Grinnell College Beekeeping club. We keep bees. At Grinnell College.
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Debating Union
The Grinnell Debating Union discusses relevant topics through on and off-campus policy debates.
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Drone Team
The Grinnell Drone Team is a group of curious Physics/CS students that want to build and specialize a few drones while learning physics and computer science.
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Experimental College
ExCo, which is short for Experimental College, allows members of the Grinnell community to share their passions and interests by teaching unconventional classes.
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Go Club
Go (围棋 in Chinese) is the oldest board game still played in its original form. It is a game of strategy, where two players fight for territory. There are few rules, but this freedom allows for the game to be as simple or complex as the players desire. Players of any skill level are welcome!
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Model United Nations
Model UN is a student group dedicated to learning about international politics via simulations. We travel to conferences, where we represent different countries and simulate the happenings of the real UN in New York.
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NBA Fan Club
We are a group of NBA fanatics, who love the game of basketball! We try to watch, and project every single basketball game all around campus for students to watch. No discrimination, but if you are a Lakers fan you are not welcomed. JK.
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Nerf at Noyce
Join us weekly for some sub-free fun! When the clock strikes 12, the lights go out, the doors lock, and Noyce becomes a battleground. Select your weapon and load up on ammunition so you are ready to defend yourself. Nerf at Noyce also hosts a campus-wide Humans vs. Zombies competition every semester.
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Pun Club
If you want to learn how to make more PUNgent puns, come PUNctually to the weekly meetings to practice and learn technique. We'll become PROSe with puns together! We also host semi-regular competitions and performances, for better or for WORDS. If you want to watch PROSE sports, but don't want to learn how to yourself, these events are for you.
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Queer Rainbow Super Team
Queer Rainbow Super Team plays games and has fun! Sometimes outside, sometimes inside, it is an all-around raucous good time!
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Quiz Bowl
Quiz bowl is a team activity/sport in which five people work as a team to answer questions and earn the most points possible. Questions range from all sorts of topics such as academics to sports and movies.
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Safe, Sane, and Consensual
Safe, Sane, Consensual is a student group that seeks to provide a safe space for Grinnellians to discuss, and engage with kink, BDSM, and otherwise non-normative sexuality in a positive, respectful, self-aware, and responsible ways. We also provide resources and practical knowledge for students interested in or curious about topics related to kink and BDSM through demonstrations, workshops, and closed and open discussions.
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SciFi Association
This is a community of science fiction and fantasy lovers. Each Friday evening, we meet to enjoy TV marathons of shows like like Star Trek and Doctor Who. We provide snacks as well. This group also serves as a substance-free alternative to other weekend activities.
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Sexual Health Information Center
The Sexual Health Information Center (SHIC), located on the 1st floor of Main residence hall, provides free peer education services and a variety of sexual health products to Grinnell students at little or no cost. The SHIC can also be reserved as a space for sex-related events and workshops. We host various events throughout the year such as study breaks, movie nights, and we have brought speakers to Grinnell in the past. We are student-run, queer-friendly and sex-positive!
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Soccer Fan Club (GSFC)
GSFC is a student organization that aims to unite Grinnellians through the power of soccer. In GSFC we invite all Grinnellians to come watch the beautiful game and meet other Grinnellians who may or may not share the same passion.
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Badminton is a good sport to work on cardio and improving speed. We foster the foundations of badminton as well as play with each other for fun.
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Bellydance Club
In belly dancing club, we teach expression and control of the body through the unique movements of belly dance. Everyone is welcome and no experience is needed!
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Co-ed Soccer
We are a group open to all students that gets together a few times a week to play indoor soccer. We also usually go to an off-campus indoor tournament during the winter after winter break.
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Equestrian Club
The Equestrian Club provides opportunities for both western and English horseback riding lessons as well as horse-related field trips and educational opportunities.
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Grinneleanor Roosevelts
The Grinneleanor Roosevelts are one of the two women's Ultimate Frisbee teams at Grinnell. We focus on player development, creating a supportive environment, and having fun.
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Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Club (GORP)
The Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Program runs trips, workshops, and other outdoor-related activities for students. Frequent activities include hiking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, sailing, and Nordic (cross-country) skiing.
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Grinnell College Climbers
Grinnell College Climbers is a group dedicated to building community amongst student rock climbers by attending rock climbing competitions, organizing trips to outdoor climbing locations, and by holding group climbing sessions at Grinnell's rock wall.
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International Soccer Club
International Soccer Club is the established pick up soccer group at Grinnell College. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join us.
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Kickboxing and Self Defense Club
Students learn how to properly defend themselves by learning how to punch, kick, grapple, and fight with and against weapons such as knives and bats. This class is open to anyone of any experience (most of our students are predominantly first timers!) and modifications can be made for students with disabilities. All equipment is provided.
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Running Club
This is a group for anyone who wants to run with other people on campus.
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Sticky Tongue Frogs
"The Sticky Tongue Frogs," or The Stickies, is Grinnell College's women's ultimate frisbee team. We practice three times a week, attend weekend tournaments around the region, and host our own tournament in the fall. We're an inclusive, fun, and competitive team; we welcome players of all experience levels and don't make cuts, yet have made it to DIII Ultimate Frisbee Nationals since 2010, even placing second and winning the sportsmanship award in 2012.
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Ultimate Frisbee
Grinnell's Men's and Women's competitive ultimate frisbee.
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Unified Special Olympics
Our Unified Sports team aims to promote social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences, Unified Sports joins people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team. Unified Sports were inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.
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Women's Club Water Polo
Women's club water polo is a spring sport that runs from late February through mid-April. We practice 3-4 times a week and have 3 tournaments. No experience is necessary to join the team, in fact, most people on the team started playing in college. We welcome beginners and love teaching people the game. It's great exercise, and quite a bit of fun. Join us!
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Yoga Club
Yoga Club aims to provide yoga classes for Grinnellians and community members at no cost. We strive to foster healthy life practices, with an emphasis on stress-reduction and self-care. Open to all backgrounds and levels of experience. Our classes typically feature vinyasa (continuous body movement) and hatha (slower paced, stretching and meditative) styles of yoga.
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Bob's Underground Cafe
Bob's Underground Cafe is a student-run cafe in the basement of Main Residence Hall. Bob's hosts weekly open mics and events, and it serves as a nighttime hang out and study space.
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Food House
Food House is a Project House consisting of 12 house members and plenty of our constant dinner guests who complete our community. We spend a lot of time cooking and bonding over meals and our love of food and food justice.
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Gluten-Free Grinnellians
We are a group of students who come together to cook meals and bake together, with one exception, everything we make will be gluten free. That way, people with some form of gluten intolerance or allergy along with everyone else can participate.
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Gourmet Cuisine Society
We're a student group focused on cooking foods from around the world to experience both cooking and eating international specialties.
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Student Garden
The student garden is an on-campus vegetable garden that allows Grinnell College students to learn about organic gardening and to harvest their own food. It includes nine beds, a greenhouse to extend the growing season, and composting bins for communal use.
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Vegan Coop
Vegan Coop is a vegan cooking and eating club. Several students volunteer to cook and host one animal-product-free dinner a week, sending out a menu and asking for coop members to RSVP the morning before they cook. In turn, coop members who have RSVP'd graciously volunteer to pay $3, socialize, and eat a delicious vegan meal.
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African and Caribbean Student Union (ACSU)
The African and Caribbean Student Union seeks to celebrate the rich diversity of the African diaspora by engaging the Grinnell community through education, community, and dialogue, coordinate activities with multicultural peer organizations, and serve as a home-away-from-home for international Africans, Caribbean students, black Americans and all students with interest in the efforts and values of ACSU.
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Asian and Asian American Association
The Asian and Asian American Association hopes to educate the student body about Asian American culture and issues and exists to provide a safe space for all students and faculty where one can discuss the experiences of Asian Americans on campus.
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Concerned Black Students (CBS)
We as Concerned Black Students want to provide a community within all cultures, as a way to unite and strengthen diversity amongst ALL Grinnellians. As a subunit of the intercultural community here at Grinnell College, we plan to educate, raise awareness, and ultimately create a safe haven for black students and those who support black students.
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Japanese Culture Association
The Japanese Culture Association focuses on increasing awareness of Japanese culture on campus.
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Native American Students Alliance (NASA)
NASA is a newly revived program at Grinnell where anyone and everyone can join and learn more about Native American peoples as well as global indigenous peoples. Not only does NASA serve as a safe place for Grinnellians to discuss cultural, social, political, and educational concerns regarding indigenous people, it serves as a gateway to be more actively involved with the local indigenous community, the Meskwaki Settlement among other awesome opportunities.
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Philippine United Students Organization
An organization dedicated to educating Grinnell Campus about Filipino culture.
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Project Pengyou
Our Project Pengyou Chapter at Grinnell College is part of a national non-profit organization that aims to promote US-China Relations and cross-cultural exchange.
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Queer People of Color (QPOC)
QPOC aims to address issues of racial, ethnic, and economic inequity within the queer establishment. QPOC also examines the intersections of gender, sexuality, and race.
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Student Organization for Latinos/Latinas (SOL)
The purpose of SOL shall be to create a community that will nurture cultural pride, as well as awareness, amongst all its members. SOL resolves to create and support a cultural and social network that preserves and encourages cultural identity and autonomy; promotes awareness of political and social issues affecting Latino society; and serves as an education resource for the community.
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Vietnamese Student Association
The Vietnamese Student Association aims to create a space for people interested in Vietnamese culture to come together and gain more cultural experiences.
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Performance, Art, and Publication

We are a bi-weekly satirical newspaper publication that is part of Grinnell College’s Student Publications And Radio Committee (SPARC). As an established campus publication, each month we hope to bring to the campus a breath of humor and our own twisted commentary on campus and national events.
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B&S Website
The Student Ceramic Studio located in the protruding building off the South Campus loggia is a student run studio with unlimited access to clay, throwing wheels, glazes, kilns, and all kinds of other materials. We have open hours daily 8-10pm and Saturdays 3-5pm when anyone can come in to learn how to make pottery on the wheel or by hand.
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Colorguard is a casual group that gets together to spin flags (like in marching band). It's very informal and all experience levels are welcome. We learn a short routine to perform at the end of each semester.
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Con Brio
Con Brio is a mixed a cappella group at Grinnell College. Members perform at many campus events and participate in a cappella competitions.
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Cypher Club
In Grinnell Cypher Club students embrace hip hop culture by rapping and improving their craft with other Grinnellians.
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Dark Room
We are a student run organization that teaches black and white photography to students and give spaces and opportunities for members to exhibit their work on campus.
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GC1115 uses artistic projects to create social spaces which are intended to inspire discussions and a sense of community. Our projects often deal with issues such as social equality and sustainability. Many of our projects are modeled off of plans from the art collective N55, and created through interdisciplinary methods.
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Grinnell Monologues
Grinnell Monologues, started in 2002 as a response to Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues, expands on the original themes about feminism and women's empowerment to include body, relationship, and sexuality issues. Students meet for a writing workshop twice weekly and can participate in a performance each semester.
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IndepenDance is Grinnell's hip-hop dance group, uniting students from all areas of the dance spectrum for several performances each year.
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Neverland Players
We perform skits, combining them into an hour long performance for college students, faculty, and staff as well as community members. The skits are based on short stories written by local elementary school children.
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Photography Club
This club is for those who have an interest in photography, either digital or film. We will learn about various techniques and then use them to create fantastic photographs while having fun and meeting new people.
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Salseros de Grinnell
Salseros de Grinnell is Grinnell College's only student group that dances salsa, bachata and reggaeton. We also offer lessons weekly to the Grinnell student body, perform in Grinnell as well as attend and host salsa socials in Grinnell and in Iowa.
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Starving Artists
This quote by Eudora Welty perfectly sums up the goal of this club: "My continuing passion is to part a curtain, that invisible shadow that falls between people, the veil of indifference to each other's presence, each other's wonder, each other's human plight." This writing club combines group writing strategies suggested by the Amherst Writers Association, Peter Elbow, Lucile Vaughan Payne, and more, as writers enjoy a safe space to grow and cook their ideas.
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Campus Democrats
We hope to bring attention to issues that are particularly important to members of our group through events, social media, and direct contact with elected representatives. We also hope to educate ourselves and the student body on the side of politics neglected during election season.
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International Affairs Club
The International Affairs Club meets each week for student-led discussions on current or historical events that have a global impact. We also promote campus-wide discussions on global affairs through various events such as documentary showings and debate panels.
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One Struggle Grinnell
One Struggle is an anti-capitalist / anti-imperialist organization dedicated to the construction of combative mass organizations and movements against global capitalism / imperialism.
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Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
We're the (brand new) Grinnell chapter of Roosevelt Institute, a national student run think tank group that focus on policy research, change, and activism.
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Religious and Spiritual

Chalutzim (Hebrew for Pioneers), the Jewish student organization, is a diverse community in which students celebrate and learn about Judaism. We hold religious services on campus as well as educational, cultural and social programming. We also participate in interfaith dialogue, multicultural activities and promote diversity on campus. All of our activities are open to everyone.
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Christian Science Organization
The Christian Science Organization is composed of students, faculty, and staff who are striving to perceive the spiritual sense of the Scriptures and to apply this understanding to their daily lives, demonstrating the science of Christianity. At the weekly meetings we explore issues together and share ideas and experiences relating to our individual spiritual progress.
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Friends of Grinnell Ghosts (FOGG)
FOGG is a discussion-based, non-ouija group for those who wish to explore the supernatural/spiritual aspect of Grinnell College and beyond. Our group, comprised of both enthusiasts and skeptics, will use discussion of personal experiences with the supernatural and media/literature representations of the supernatural to set a broader context for the on-campus night field trips to numerous sites both on and off
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Korean Christian Association
The club is for Korean Christians who are interested in going to All Nations Korean Baptist Church in Iowa City, but anyone who wants to go to a Korean church is welcome to join us.
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Young Muslims Sisters
Young Muslims is is a pioneering national youth organization that addresses the vital role of Muslim youth in North America, and seeks to inspire them to carry Islam forward and become leaders of tomorrow. YM brings together young Muslims of all backgrounds to serve their faith, helping them tackle real-life issues and offering support needed to live their lives as dedicated Muslim youth.
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Social Justice and Activism

Advancing Animal Compassion Together (AACT)
Grinnellians AACT is dedicated to creating a more just and sustainable world for all sentient beings through vegan outreach and activism.
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Al Éxito Iowa Grinnell College Interns and Volunteers
Al Éxito is a statewide organization that pairs 8th grade Latin@s with adult mentors to foster academic achievement, community service, and participation in post-secondary education. In the 2014-2015 academic year, we created, organized, and facilitated workshops all over the state of Iowa to familiarize Latino families with the college application process, financial aid, and essay writing.
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Alternative Break
Grinnell College Alternative Break (GCAB) is a student-run organization that offers students the opportunity to travel as members of a fun, safe, and intentional service community during their Fall and Spring breaks. By living and working in the communities they serve, students develop new perspectives, enhance leadership skills, and participate in educational and hands-on community service projects.
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Blank Park Zoo Volunteer Group
Our group is dedicated to improving the welfare and the lives of exotic animals in captivity at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. We aim to do this through “goal-oriented enrichment”, which is the process of providing stimulating objects and environments to the animals in order to bring about natural behaviors not necessarily used in captivity, like foraging, or to reduce detrimental behaviors like pacing.
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College Kids for Kids
We run after school program in a low-income area of Des Moines every Friday anywhere for anywhere between 20-60 kids, ages 5-16.
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Community Meal
Grinnell Community Meal is served by volunteers and coordinated by Grinnell College students. The meal takes place every Tuesday (except during the month of August and the weeks of Christmas and New Years) at the Davis Elementary School on the corner of Broad and Hamilton. The meal FREE and open to the public.
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Dissenting Voices
Dissenting Voices is a student-driven campaign to end campus sexual violence. We are an activist group committed to educating students about their civil right to education free from sexual violence and harassment, while also pushing policy and legislative change at the college level for better administrative enforcement of that same right.
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Dissenting Voices Website
Drake Tutors
We provide homework help for 3rd to 8th grade students at the Drake Community Library. We meet Monday through Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:30.
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Food For Thought
Food For Thought is Grinnell's chapter of the national organization, Real Food Challenge, which works to create a more just, sustainable, healthy, and humane food system by shifting the product sourcing at colleges and universities dining halls.
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Food Recovery Network (FRN)
FRN unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and the surround communities and donating it to people in need. The Grinnell College Chapter of Food Recovery Network works with Dining Services, Mid-Iowa Community Action, First Presbyterian Church, and various local businesses to combat hunger in Grinnell by diverting recoverable foods from landfills to low-income families.
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Grinnell College Kids
We are a student group that wants to work to connect the college and the community by doing volunteer service with children in town, e.g. at the Drake Community Library or in cooperation with the Middle School.
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Grinnell Middle School Art Club
We're a group of students who go to the local middle school every Friday afternoon to run a different art project each week. We strive to provide a safe, friendly environment where kids feel free to nurture their creative and imaginative side.
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Intersectional Feminism Alliance
The Intersectional Feminism Alliance is a campus improvement group. Our goals fall into three different categories. Safety: Giving Grinnellians the tools they need to feel safer and be safer in various campus environments Awareness: Educating the campus community about intersectionality and feminist issues Activism: Campaigning for change concerning on- and off- campus feminist issues
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Grinnell IOWATER aims to improve water quality and conservation awareness in the Grinnell area and develop a sustainable network of skill sets, knowledge, and passion for the importance of our water resources.
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Kids Against Hunger
Kids Against Hunger participates in the ongoing struggle to combat food relief, especially in local and international venues devastated by lack of resources, disaster, and/or poverty.
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Liberty in North Korea (LiNK)
Liberty in North Korea is a human rights non-profit organization that aims to provide aid and opportunities for North Korean refugees. LiNK at Grinnell is a chapter of this organization that hopes not only to raise awareness concerning the issues in North Korea, but also raise funds to support refugees.
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Local Foods Network
The Grinnell Local Foods Network is a student group dedicated to raising support on campus for locally-grown foods and to fostering meaningful relationships between students and producers. We facilitate monthly on-campus distributions of local foods, we partner with the Student Garden, and we host a number of popular events that feature local food and promote community.
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Ni Ka Na
Ni Ka Na is a mentoring program that works with elementary through high school age students at the Meskwaki Settlement School. The Meskwaki Settlement is near Tama, Iowa and is about 30-45 minutes away from Grinnell. The school caters primarily to students of Native American descent. Grinnell students work with Meskwaki students who are possibly struggling in some aspect of their lives. Each student is paired with a high school and an elementary age child and close personal bonds are formed!
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Oxfam is an international NGO that aims to right the wrongs of hunger, poverty, and injustice. At Grinnell this means working with the campus and the community to fight local hunger issues as well as campaigning to change the injustices in the global food system that keep people trapped in poverty.
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Pals of PALS
Pals of PALS is a student group focused on providing transportation to students and fostering community among the volunteers of PALS and the college students. At PALS, we help take care of and provide love and care to shelter cats and dogs to ensure that they have the best life possible.
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ReNew Disaster Relief
ReNew is a student group focused on responding to the needs of communities following natural disasters.
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RISE Grinnell
We are progressive activists on campus. We unite various issues, go to protests, marches, rallies, and generally strive to make our voices heard.
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Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell (SEG)
The Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell (SEG) is a microfinance organization made up of students and community members from the town of Grinnell, Iowa, USA. Originally conceived as a Grinnell College student group raising money for entrepreneurs in developing countries, SEG now implements microloans in communities around the world and provides microfinancing services to the local Grinnell community.
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Student Athletes Leading Social Change
Our mission is to catalyze and connect college student-athletes to use their passion and platform to inspire and transform communities through sports, education, and leadership.
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