Grinnell College is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for the entire campus community. Because the key to safety and security is being prepared, we have a comprehensive plan in place for organizing, coordinating, and directing available resources toward the management of an emergency.

Campus Preparedness Plan

The Crisis Preparedness Plan was created with the assistance of the Campus Emergency Response Team Committee. These plans are in constantly being reviewed. If you have questions, suggestions, or helpful hints concerning these plans, please feel free to contact the Director of Campus Safety & Security at 269-4600.

Burling Library Disaster Plan

The Burling Library Disaster Plan plan outlines the steps and procedures to be used in response to a disaster. Its primary goal is to minimize or eliminate damage to the collections after first ensuring personal safety. The plan will be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary to keep the contents current. All staff are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the overall plan and to study the parts relevant to their areas.

Please send any comments or suggestions concerning the draft for the New Emergency Operations Plan to security[at]grinnell[dot]edu