Task Force on Safety, Responsibility, and Prevention

President Kington’s commitment to prevention of sexual misconduct and substance abuse required an examination and plan to improve how the college community prevents incidents of sexual misconduct alongside a review of how we respond to allegations and acts of sexual misconduct.  To address the first, President Kington appointed a Task Force on Safety, Responsibility, and Prevention whose main purpose is to propose a concrete program for our campus to prevent sexual misconduct, alcohol abuse, and violence, all of which have been found to be tightly related. The members of the task force include:

Steve Briscoe, Director of Campus Safety & Security
Harriett Dickey-Chasins, Director of Student Health & Counseling Services & Lead Psychologist
Travis Greene, Dean of Students
Jennifer Jacobsen '95, Wellness Director
Kristin Lovig, Director of Human Resources
Thomas Neil '14, President – SGA
Opeyemi Awe '15, Vice President for Student Affairs – SGA
Chris Ralston, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Sarah Anderson '98, Director of Interactive Communications
Deanna Shorb, Dean of Religious Life & Chaplain
Andrea Conner, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life and Orientation
Dan Hirsch, Assistant Director of Residence Life

This is a small group that will rely heavily on the community and an advisory committee to understand the issues surrounding prevention of sexual misconduct and substance abuse, to build on current prevention efforts, and to implement new programmatic initiatives.  Jen Jacobsen '95, Wellness Director, will be devoting 25% of her time to working with the task force, Angela Voos, and the advisory committee to further develop our preventative programs.

Advisory Committee

This advisory committee informs the work of the Task Force on Safety, Responsibility, and Prevention and helps with education and prevention efforts.  If you are interested in being a part of this advisory committee, please email Bailey Thompson.

Harm Reduction Committee


Grinnell Advocates [advocates] is a staff supervised, student organization that aims to create greater awareness about issues surrounding sexual assault and dating violence on campus. This group provides sensitive, educational programming about issues related to dating violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. The Advocates also act as an immediate resource for victims through the Crisis Intervention Service hotline.

Stonewall Resource Center [srcenter] - The Stonewall Resource Center exists as a confidential safe space to serve the campus' gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning community and their allies. Our primary focus is to provide resources and information about LGBT and Queer issues and to facilitate educational programming and activities on campus. The Stonewall Resource Center is also a meeting space and resource for numerous LGBT and Queer related student organizations on campus.

Feminist Action Coalition [fac] - The Feminist Action Coalition (FAC) is Grinnell's student-run feminist organization. We are devoted to advocating on behalf of Grinnell's women, fighting oppression in all its forms, and having awesome feminist fun. In addition to weekly discussions about feminist issues, FAC organizes a number of popular events on campus, including Love Your Body Week, and Take Back the Night Week.

Real Men [realmen]

Sexual Health Information Center [shic]