Grinnell College is not affiliated with a single religion; our spiritual life is as varied and vibrant as our campus community itself. The staff at our Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice includes a chaplain, a rabbi, a Muslim prayer leader, and others who can help you explore your religious and spiritual life and learn more about the traditions of others.

Getting Involved

Whether you’ve been observing your religious and spiritual practices for years or are just beginning to explore your beliefs, you’ll find a place at Grinnell. Our campus ethos of openness and inquiry may challenge your assumptions, but always with the goal of helping you understand your beliefs in the most nuanced and thoughtful way.

  • Sit in on one of more than a dozen campus religious and spiritual groups. Open to everyone, these groups meet for worship and prayer as well as meals, discussions, and text studies.
  • Explore the close link at Grinnell between religion and social justice through programs like the Social Justice Action Group and the Grinnell College Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize.
  • Reach out beyond campus to the community, by visiting one of the many local religious and spiritual groups found in the city of Grinnell.
  • Explore the intellectual dimensions of religion and spirituality through Grinnell’s religious studies department.