For many of us, religion and spirituality guide our choices, give us comfort, and bring us together with those who share our beliefs.

Our Center for Religious, Spirituality, and Social Justice can help you when you are looking for a local church, temple, or mosque, want to participate in a prayer or meditation group, or are looking for another spiritual or faith practice.

Our students and campus religious groups and organizations represent many several practices, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Unitarian and Universalism.

Many of our students are happy to share their faith and beliefs with interreligious events; celebrations such as a Messiah sing, Holi and Diwali celebrations, and Day of the Dead festivals; and shared meals and conversation.

Our largest worship space on campus is Herrick Chapel, historically and architectural Christian. We hold Sunday morning worship services on special occasions and some holy days. You’ll also find prayer rooms, meditation spaces, a foot bath, kosher kitchen, and other resources on campus. Our dining services staff accommodate many dietary choices and restrictions.

You can find Christian, Jewish, and Muslim services on campus, with services for many other faiths available in the surrounding community.

If you have questions or need support, turn to our Chaplain’s Office.


Religious groups reflect student diversity.

Herrick Chapel
The Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice helps you engage with Grinnell’s diverse spiritual community. - See more at: http: