Interdisciplinary Courses and Concentrations


Interdisciplinary Courses of Study

Grinnell structures the curriculum departmentally. However, we also offer a number of interdisciplinary courses, many of which are open to first-year students. Below are some examples you can consider for Fall or Spring semester.

  • AMS 130 - Introduction to American Studies
  • ENV 145 - Nations and the Global Environment
  • GDS 111 - Introduction to Global Development Studies
  • GLS 251 - Children's & Young Adult Literature
  • GLS 279 - Modern Japanese Fiction & Film
  • GLS 291 - Perspectives in 20th Century Central & Eastern European Literature
  • GWS 111 - Introduction to Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies
  • HUM 101 - Humanities I: The Ancient Greek World
  • HUM 102 - Humanities II: Roman & Early Christian Culture
  • HUM 140 - Medieval and Renaissance Culture: 1100-1650
  • LAS 111 - Introduction to Latin American Studies
  • LIN 114 - Introduction to General Linguistics
  • TEC 154 - Evolution of Technology

Interdisciplinary Concentrations

Interdisciplinary concentrations are offered at Grinnell as a way to pursue a breadth of study across several related disciplines. They are organized programs that a student may choose to complete in addition to a major. Each concentration includes work in several departments and culminates in an interdisciplinary seminar or project in the senior year. Completion of a concentration is entered on a student's permanent record and transcript. Students declare their intention to pursue a concentration by the start of their third year. Consult this section of the Registrar's web page for detailed information about each Interdisciplinary Concentration offered at Grinnell.

Concentrations are offered in the following areas:

  • American Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Global Development Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Neuroscience
  • Policy Studies
  • Russian Central and Eastern European Studies
  • Technology Studies
  • Western European Studies