Interpreting Test Scores


Interpreting Test Scores

To interpret an individual student's standardized achievement test scores, please refer to the following concordance table which compares scores of the two national achievement tests.

SATACT1440 and up33 and up1400 - 1430321360 - 1390311330 - 1350301290 - 1320291250 - 1280281210 - 1240271170 - 1200261160 and below25 and below 

Grinnell College first-year students have an average (mean) composite score of 1325 for the SAT and 30.0 for the ACT. Nationally, the average SAT score is approximately 1011 and the ACT is 21.1.

Although the writing scores for both ACT and SAT are recorded in a student's official college record, the Admission Office currently does not use the writing portion of either test to detemine admissibility.

International students also have scores for the TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language). It measures a person's proficiency in English; it is not meant to be an indicator of academic ability. In order to measure language competency, sub-tests are broken down into three areas: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and grammar.

The test is offered in paper-based and most recently, internet-based formats. The scoring systems differ for each:

PAPER-BASED TESTCOMPUTER-BASED TESTINTERNET-BASED TEST640-677273-300111-120590-637243-27096-110550-587213-24079-95513-547183-21065-78477-510153-18053-64437-473123-15041-52397-43393-12030-40347-39363-9019-29310-34333-609-183100-300-8 

We do not have a minimum TOEFL requirement for admission to Grinnell College.  However, because of the high demands placed on our students in terms of reading and writing, we look to admit applicants who can demonstrate a very strong command of the English language.  For the class entering in August 2011, the mid-50% TOEFL (internet-based) score was 99-105.