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Students at Grinnell College work in a state of the art ceramics studio to create hand-built, wheel-thrown pieces. The 2,200 square foot studio is equipped with 12 electric potter’s wheels, 3 extruders and a slab roller. Students use gram scales to make glazes from scratch in a well-ventilated glaze chemistry alcove. Students assist in stacking kilns. We bisque fire in a Skutt kiln and glaze... read more

The 2,200 square feet sculpture studio is designed to accommodate needs of all students in four levels of sculpture: Art 142 Introduction to Studio: Sculpting Processes, Art 242 Sculpture, Art 342 Advanced Sculpture, and Art 491 Senior Project.

General Work Area   
The general work area is outfitted with 6 maple topped work benches with vises and drawers, a long... read more