U.S. Students

Priority Deadline February 8

Attention: the steps below are required to apply for Grinnell College funded financial aid. If you wish to only apply for federally funded financial aid, such as the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work-study, and the Federal Direct Student Loan, you only need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Common Application for Admission

January 15

CSS PROFILE; Grinnell College’s code is 6252

February 8

Noncustodial PROFILE, if applicable

February 15

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); Grinnell College’s code is 001868

May 15

IDOC submission of 2014 federal tax returns, including schedules and W-2 forms

(see special instructions below)

May 15


Complete the steps below to apply for need-based financial aid under the Regular Decision process:

Step 1 — On the Common Application for admission, indicate your intent to apply for need-based aid.

Step 2 — Complete the CSS PROFILE online. Grinnell requires all first-year students who wish to be considered for institutional grants and loans to complete the CSS PROFILE. Grinnell College’s code is 6252.

Step 3 — Grinnell requires the CSS Non-custodial PROFILE for all students who wish to be considered for institutional grants. If your biological/adoptive parents are not married and are living apart (separated or divorced), your noncustodial parent must complete the CSS Noncustodial PROFILE online.  You will receive instructions about this as part of the CSS PROFILE process.  If you do not have contact with your noncustodial parent, you may complete a request to waive this requirement.

What’s next?

Admitted students who have met the priority deadline will receive a notice of estimated financial aid eligibility with the admission decision. Preliminary awards will be finalized beginning May 15 for students who intend to enroll at Grinnell, provided all documents to complete their financial aid file have been submitted.

Step 1 — Complete FAFSA online. The FAFSA is required to determine your eligibility for all federal and state based financial aid, such as the Federal Pell Grant, Direct Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and Iowa Tuition Grant. Note: If you previously filed the FAFSA with estimates, please submit a correction to your FAFSA, and use the FAFSA/IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer tax return data to the FAFSA. Grinnell’s school code is 001868. 

Step 2 — Grinnell requires all students who wish to be considered for institutional grants to provide parent tax returns for verification of PROFILE data. Grinnell College uses the College Board’s IDOC Service to collect tax return documentation. In May, you will receive information from the College Board on what documents to submit and the process for submitting them. All required documents should be provided at the same time in one submission. If you need to provide additional items after submission, mail them directly to the Grinnell College Office of Student Financial Aid.

Note: if you have already provided/plan to provide parent tax return and W-2 information to IDOC for another school, you will not need to send them again for Grinnell. We will request your information directly from IDOC.