Grinnell College employs a need-aware international admission policy and is committed to meeting 100% of an eligible, admitted student’s institutionally-determined financial need through a combination of grants, campus employment, and institutional loan. The college requires a clear and honest submission of family financial resources to determine an applicant’s aid eligibility. 

How do I request a waiver for the CSS PROFILE fee?

We do not provide fee waivers. You should complete the ISFAA, which does not require a fee, and submit it directly to the Office of Admission.

Will my financial aid package change in the future if my family circumstances change or if exchange rates worsen?

No. Your financial aid eligibility is not re-evaluated each year and requests for additional assistance are not accepted.

If I do not apply for financial aid my first year, can I request it in future years?

No.  Grinnell does not consider applications for financial aid from international students after they have begun their studies at the college.  As part of the application for admission, all applicants needing financial assistance are required to complete the CSS PROFILE or ISFAA thoroughly and accurately.