2016–17 comprehensive fee: $60,738

  • Tuition: $48,322
  • Fees: $436
  • Room: $5,658
  • Board: $6,322

When determining eligibility for assistance, we make annual allowances for the following expenses:

  • Books and supplies: $900
  • Personal expenses: $1,100
  • Travel expenses:
    • up to $700 mainland U.S.
    • $1,100 AK, HI, and international

Additional fees (e.g., for individual or small-class studio instruction in music or ninth-semester teaching fees) may apply. The per credit charge for credits over 18 in one semester is $1,510.

All students are required to carry health insurance. The fall term bill includes a charge for student health insurance. The premium for 2015–16 is $1,411. The premium for 2016-17 should be available by early summer. If you will be covered under a different plan while enrolled, you may decline the insurance by completing an online waiver. Instructions for waiving Grinnell’s health insurance are mailed with the fall term bill.