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Alcohol and Event Hosting Agreement

Please read through all of the event hosting guidelines before fully completing the Alcohol Agreement application below. Alcohol agreements must be completed by 5pm on the Friday one full week prior to the event.

Upon receiving a completed Alcohol Agreement application, the event staff designated below will be sent an email outlining the terms and responsibilties of the position.  Each event staff member (hosts, servers and wristbanders) must reply to this email individually and confirming that they agree to the terms it contains, before event approval is granted. 

Once approval is granted, event staff are asked to pick up wristbands for the event in JRC 310 during business hours on the Thursday prior to the event.  Any questions should be directed to Jennifer Jacobsen.

Please provide the requested information about the your event below and agree to the following terms.

Event information
Selecting this box indicates that you have reserved the space for your event through the appropriate channel: Harris reservations: ACE Chair; Lounge reservations: Reserve lounges online; Gardner Lounge: Jamaland RLC — Leah Reuber
Events in Harris Concert Hall are permitted up to 3 standard kegs. Events in lounges are permitted up to 2 standard kegs. Please follow up with Maggie Lawter if requesting approval for alcohol other than beer.
Hosts are required to provide, at minimum, $50 worth of attractive food options & non-alcoholic beverages per keg. This food and beverage is required to be distributed throughout the evening.
Please provide any additional information that may be relevant to your event.
Follow Up Meeting

All hosts are required to meet with Maggie Lawter within the week immediately following the event.  Hosts are also asked to report on the event, we well as return any unused wristbands and the provided envelope at this time.  It is your responsibility to record and attend your scheduled follow up meeting.  Failure to attend a scheduled follow up meeting will restrict all event staff from holding future events.

Meetings will be in the Student Affairs Suite - JRC 310. 

Please select an appointment time from the options below for an event follow up meeting. You are encouraged to select multiple options if you have additional availability. If you select multiple options, you will receive an email prior to the meeting date confirming which appointment has been set.

*If none of the available options can be accommodated, please email Maggie Lawter with a list of your availability to set up an alternate meeting time.
Event Staff and Responsibilities
Event Hosting Responsibilities

Students who do not follow these requirements risk losing the ability to staff parties in the future and may face additional student conduct action:

  • Events with alcohol are not permitted on weeknights or weekdays, or when classes are not in session (i.e., during College breaks). Additionally, events with alcohol are not permitted until after the first full week of classes, nor during finals week any time after the last regular class is held.
  • Event advertising may not include pictures or references to alcohol, with the exception of advertising in a harm-reductive manner for events and/or personal consumption of alcohol at Lyle's Pub.
  • Students may not purchase alcohol on campus (except for personal consumption at Lyle's Pub) nor may fees be charged or collected for the distribution of alcohol on campus.
  • Alcohol may only be legally possessed or consumed by students of Iowa Legal drinking age (21+) in student rooms in residence halls (excluding substance free residence halls) and College-owned houses, Lyle's Pub, and, when authorized, in the Harris Center Concert Hall, in residence hall lounges (excluding substance free lounges), Gardner Lounge, public spaces in College-owned houses. Additional spaces may be authorized by the College.
  • Consistent with harm-reductive practices, common sources involving hard liquor (e.g., punchbowls or pre-mixed drinks) are not allowed. Please note that hard liquor may be served individually at registered events provided the alcohol agreement conditions are met (e.g., served by trained server, students are wristbanded and served only to 21+ year old students, drinks are measured and poured directly in front of students so they know contents and quantity).
  • Roles of hosts, server, and wristbander must be filled by separate individuals. Additionally one person may not serve in multiple roles on the same day (i.e. A host may not also act as a server at the same event, nor may one person act as host for multiple events on the same day).
  • Hosts and other event staff are expected to clean the venue by noon the following day. Any damages or extensive cleaning charges will be billed to the event host(s).
  • Wristband envelopes along with any unused wristbands must be returned to RLC Tiffany Chen at the event follow-up meeting, scheduled within the week following the event.
  • As a self-governing community, we expect each resident to be responsible for his/her/hir own behavior as well as that of invited guests, and must be expected to be held accountable for his/her/hir actions, even if intoxicated.
  • As an extension of self-governance, All Campus Events (ACE) Security is required to be in attendance for any event in a residence hall lounge or Harris Concert Hall where an alcohol agreement form is approved.
  • Event staff are expected to be aware of and operate in accordance with Iowa State law regarding liability.
Responsibilities for the Distribution of Alcohol
ALL event staff (host, server, wristbander, and purchaser) must:
  • Attend the entire event and be substance-free prior to and during the event.
  • Take corrective action (e.g., remove student, inform ACE or Campus Safety and Security Staff) when an underage student has a wristband, or when an underage student possesses, consumes, or distributes alcohol.
  • Ensure the safety of other students and the wellbeing of their community by denying the access of alcoholic beverages to individuals who appear to be intoxicated.
  • Use common sense and good judgment at all times.
  • Understand that failure to follow these guidelines may result in student conduct action.
Host Responsibilities:

Two events hosts are required for events anticipating 40 or more attendees.  At least one host is required to be 21 years of age or older.  All event hosts are required to have received Event Hosting Certification in last 3 years.

Event Hosts must:

  • Successfully complete an Event Hosting Certification session.
  • Obtain permission to use the space requested.
  • Work with individuals staffing the event to complete and submit this form by 5pm on Friday at least one full week before the event.
  • Once receiving approval for the event, pick up wristbands from JRC 310 during business hours on Thursday the week of the event.
  • Meet with and return all unused wristbands to RLC Maggie Lawter the following week to address event follow up. Hosts who fail to schedule and attend a follow up meeting will not be approved to host or staff events in the future.
  • Provide $50 in attractive food and non-alcoholic beverages per keg, to be distributed throughout the evening.
  • Confine alcohol to a designated area of the event space.
  • Ensure the venue is cleaned by noon the following day.
  • Take full responsibility for damages and vandalism resulting from student behavior associated with the event.
Host 1
One host must be 21 years of age or older.
Host 2
Host 3
Server Responsibilities

All events are required to have 2 servers.  All servers must be 21 years of age or older.

All servers must:

  • Successfully complete an Event Hosting Certification session.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Serve alcohol only to students of legal age to possess, consume, or distribute alcohol in the state of Iowa. These students will be wearing wristbands given out by event wristbanders (see below). No other student can be served alcohol.
  • Monitor for behavior cues that signal intoxication and do not serve any individual who has reached that point.
  • Understand that they are liable for wrongful actions of persons under the age of 21 who are served alcohol, or any attendee, regardless of age, if they are over-served alcohol.
Server 1
Server 2
Server 3
Wristbander Responsibilities

All events are required to have 2 wristbanders.

All wristbanders must:

  • Check identification of all students entering the event and only wristband students who are of legal age to possess, consume, or distribute alcohol in the state of Iowa.
Wristbander 1
Wristbander 2
Wristbander 3
Purchaser Responsibilities

Purchaser must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be liable for the wrongful actions of persons under the age of 21 who are served alcohol at the event as well as potentially be liable for wrongful actions of persons 21 or over who are served alcohol at the event.