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Cowles Apartments Special Housing Draw

Information and Application

Due date(s): 


  • Application deadline: Monday, April 15.
  • Offers will be emailed to Group Coordinators following the application deadline and must be accepted or declined by noon on Friday, April 19.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Do not apply for any Special Residence Draw if you are planning to take a leave of absence during the Fall ‘13 term.
  • You may apply for only ONE Special Residence Draw.
  • All rooms/spaces must be filled the entire year.
  • Students studying abroad or planning to graduate in December must use our room split procedure.
  • If you are currently on leave (during the Spring ’13 term), you must be officially approved to return to campus for the Fall ’13 term before the application deadline of April 15 to be eligible to apply.
  • Apartments are awarded using the Seniority Draw Award Process.
  • Group Coordinators will receive draw results (including point totals) via email following the application deadline.
  • Special Residence Draws not applied for or not accepted will be available at Room Draw.
  • If you are awarded/accept a Special Residence Draw, you will NOT participate in Room Draw. Students awarded a Special Residence Draw who are also on the off-campus waitlist MUST have an alternate to fill their Special Residence Draw space before they may accept an offer to live off-campus.
  • If you accept a Special Residence offer, you will not be granted a room change request prior to Room Draw.
  • If a vacancy occurs within your Special Residence Draw, the Residence Life Dept. will contact and work with the Group Coordinator to fill the vacancy.
  • If you are awarded a Cowles Apartment, you must notify Dining Services of your preferred meal plan option.