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Earth Day: 42 Words

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To celebrate the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, 2012, the Writing Lab will mobilize Grinnellians to speak for the planet (since she cannot speak for herself). From April 16 through April 23, pro-earth Grinnellians of all ages are invited to submit 42 words about the earth, for the earth, or from the point of view of the earth.
Think of your 42 Words as pieces of paragraphs, fragments of feeling, snippets of insight, short short stories about surprising slivers of life, prose poems pronouncing partial portents... or whatever. Ultimately, the words themselves and the impulse to speak on the earth's behalf matter more than form.

These contributions, from a cross-section of Grinnellians, will be published as a community memoir collectively expressed from our particular place on the planet. (NOTE: by submitting to this project, authors are agreeing to anonymous publication of their words in any form, modified or otherwise, without compensation or acknowledgement.)
To submit your composition please type it here and submit the form.  Thank you.