Faculty Grant Request Form (Print Out)

Request to Committee for the Support of Faculty Scholarship

 Due in Dean's OfficeThird Friday in August - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-September)Third Friday in September - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-October)First Friday in February - Summer 499 MAP Funding requests (awarded by mid-March) third Friday in February - Summer Faculty Research/Scholarship grant requests (awarded by late March)

DATE: ___________________________________________________________________________

NAME: ___________________________________________________________________________

PROJECT TITLE: ___________________________________________________________________

Project Description: (In the space provided, please write a short paragraph describing your project and its significance, recent progress, and how it will be developed during the grant period.)








Please attach a more detailed statement to this request that also includes a list of planned or previous scholarly products.

Dates between which monies will be expended: ______________

Budget: (Please itemize expected expenditures.  List the amount of each item and provide an appropriate explanation.  Then total the expenditures.)






TOTAL = $ _____________