Faculty Travel Request (Print Out)

Faculty Travel Request


NAME ___________________________________________________

_______ First Meeting; _______ Additional Meeting

1. Statement of plans

Meeting _________________________________________________

Dates ___________________________________________________

Location _________________________________________________

Check all that apply:

_____ attendance

_____ participant

_____ paper

_____ panelist

_____ by application

_____ by invitation

_____ other - specify: _________________________


2. Breakdown of estimated expenses:

Total Request ________________

a) Conference registration fee: $________________ * (Membership dues are not covered by faculty travel)

b) Transportation cost: air $__________; ground $___________ **

c) Lodging: ________ nights at hotel at $___________ per night ***  Total lodging: __________

d) Meals: $___________ Please keep and submit all original itemized receipts over $50. If a receipt is for more than one person, indicate your portion. Meals can be reimbursed up to $55 per day.

* Payment of registration fees must be documented for reimbursement.

** Travel in personal cars will be reimbursed at $.565 per mile.

*** Hotel costs will be reimbursed at the published convention rates for the number of nights for the scheduled meeting plus one travel schedule night when necessary. A copy of the hotel bill is needed for reimbursement. Please share a room when possible.

We now have three options for getting to the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids airport:

A. A faculty or staff member can drive their own car and park in airport parking. The College will reimburse them for the round trip mileage at the standard rate of 56 cents/mile and for airport parking.

B. A faculty or staff member can arrange for a car to be reserved from Enterprise, pick up the car at the Campus Security Office and drop it off at the airport terminal (Faculty academic support assistants will make these arrangements as requested by faculty members.). Upon return, a car can be picked up at the airport and returned to the Campus Security Office. There will be no charge to the faculty or staff member for this service.

C. A faculty or staff member can arrange for a driver to pick them up and deliver them to the airport and then pick them up at the airport upon return. The cost of this service includes mileage and the labor cost of the driver and is typically in the $65-90 range each way. The faculty and staff member will personally pay all costs in excess of $60.00 each way. If the faculty or staff member has a family member of friend drop them off and/or pick them up from the airport, they will be reimbursed for mileage of the round trips to the Des Moines or Cedar Rapids Airport.

Return this completed form to the Dean's Office, Nollen 2nd Floor, by November 1 for "first meeting" requests and the following dates for additional meeting requests:

  • September 15
  • November 15
  • February 15
  • May 1

Submit the completed Travel Expense Voucher form with all original, itemized receipts to the same office within 30 days of your return.