Form fun for John!

A web form for testing accessibility

This form is intended to offer an example of the standard web form elements to ensure accessiblity.

Everyone has to start with a Fieldset
This if the first fieldset. Not Collapsible. Not hiding the label or making private
Does this actually need a description? Just say who you are. Not mandatory, not unique. No prefix or postfix
It's mango time. Label above.
Not my birthday. If it is my birthday and we're testing this, I'll be very sad. I hope it's not your birthday, either. Pop-up calendar is enabled.
Where do you want your spam to go? Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Let me rephrase. Where would you like your confirmation email to go?
$ K
You know you are! Has prefix and postfix. Label above
File upload, images, uses throbber
label inline, bar with progress meter
inline label
This is just for a number. Enter in multiples of three