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Form for Scheduling Poster Printing

IMPORTANT NOTE: This form notifies us that printer time is needed for multiple posters, it does not reserve any physical space for an event. Work with your academic support assistant or Conference Operations to make reservations in the College's online Calendar system. Thank you for planning ahead.

Contact information: 
ext. 3359 posterprinting@grinnell.edu
Describe this group of posters as best you can. You may use a course number, department event name, research group name, special event name, conference name, etc. For example, "Family Weekend science student posters", or "Policy Studies 395-01".
If you are unsure, make your best estimate on the number of poster files you will want printed for this group.
Date and time your files are to be submitted

This must be at least 48 hours before your requested pickup date/time. Posters are not printed on the weekend. This can be a "due date" for students in a course.

Date and time for poster pickup

This is the date and time you wish to be able to pick the posters up.

Date and time of poster session, if applicable
Use this area to give us any additional information that you think might help us process your request.