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Haines Four Room Triple Special Housing Draw

Information and Application

Due date(s): 



  • Application deadline: 12 noon on Monday, April 9.
  • Offers will be emailed to group coordinators following the application deadline and must be accepted or declined by noon on Wednesday, April 11.



Rules and Restrictions

  • Do not apply for any Special Housing Draw if you are planning to take a leave of absence during the Fall ‘12 term.
  • You may apply for only ONE Special Housing Draw.
  • All rooms/spaces must be filled the entire year. Students studying abroad or planning to graduate in December must use our room split procedure.
  • If you are currently on leave (during the Spring ’12 term), you must be officially approved to return to campus for the Fall ’12 term before the application deadline of April 9 to be eligible to apply.
  • Haines Four Room Triples are awarded using the Seniority Draw Award Process. Group Coordinators will receive draw results (including point totals) via email following the application deadline.
  • Special Housing Draws not applied for or not accepted will be available at Room Draw.
  • If you are awarded a Special Housing Draw, you will NOT participate in Room Draw.
  • Students awarded a Special Housing Draw who are also on the off-campus non-College-owned housing waitlist MUST have an alternate to fill their Special Housing Draw space before they may accept an offer to live off-campus.
  • If you accept a Special Housing offer, you will not be granted a room change request prior to Room Draw.
  • If a Special Housing space or room becomes vacant after Room Draw, the Residence Life Office will contact and work with the Draw Coordinator to fill the vacancy.