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IPOP: Confirmation of Participation 2012

Please submit this webform AFTER you have confirmed your travel plans, but before August 1st.

Due date(s): 

IPOP is for new international (non-immigrant) students and Global Nomad students coming to Grinnell from outside the U.S. IPOP participants arrive on August 20 or 21, and are expected to participate fully in our program on August 22, 23 & 24. *Submit this webform AFTER you have confirmed your travel plans, but before August 1st, 2012.

Contact information: 
strong@grinnell.edu, edwardsk@grinnell.edu
We look forward to meeting you!
Travel and Arrival Details

Please provide this information to help us plan for your arrival. If your travel plans change, contact the OISA with updates! (Brenda Strong, strong@grinnell.edu)

- We recommend that you arrive on Monday, August 20, to allow for some relief of jet-lag before IPOP begins. - If you will arrive on your own, please check in at the OISA (JRC, 3rd floor) between 8am and 5pm on August 20 or 21. - If you plan to rent a car, make a reservation to do so at the airport in Des Moines. There are no car rental agencies in Grinnell.
Family and Friends
- It is your responsibility to arrange for your guest's lodging. www.grinnell.edu/admission/visit/accom - We recommend that you arrange in advance for their transportation needs. (If they need transportation to the Des Moines Airport later in the week, you may contact Terri Stark in the Office of Facilities Management (starkt@grinnell.edu) or arrange for an airport taxi service).
Welcome with continental breakfast
Campus Tour for family & friends
Discussion with Student Affairs Staff
Lunch at Grinnell House
Afternoon Open House & Tea Time
Dinner with Host Families
Meals are only provided for friends and family on Wednesday. If your parents wish to make an individual appointment with the Bursar during the week, they may send a request to DeNeil Moes, moes@grinnell.edu. Thank You. We look forward to seeing you soon!