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Memo Submission Form

This form will allow you to submit events and announcements to the Campus Memo. Please read each section closely to ensure your message is submitted properly.

Deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. each Thursday to allow time for layout and editing. Late submissions may be delayed. For more information, read the Campus Memo submission tips. For questions, please call Dana Boone at 641-269-4712. 

You have two options on this form:

  • Submit an Event – *Event Reference Number is required
  • Submit an Announcement

NOTE: The event you submit here will change some event information on the Campus Calendar. However, changes to time, date, and location should be requested by emailing [calendar].

*If you don’t have an Event Reference number, which you will need below, you must first schedule your event with Conference Operations and Events. Please use the Calendar Database Event Request Form.

Choose an option below:

You will receive a copy of your submission.
(This will be the subject line of the email you receive of this submission.)
Submit an Event
One (1) Reference number per entry/event (Example: 2010-AABBCC)
(40 character limit) This will be both your Memo Entry title AND your Event Name on the Campus Calendar.
Provide a detailed description of the event. Basic HTML only. Please limit to 2,000 characters.
Submit an Announcement

Examples of announcements to faculty, staff, and students include: non-event entries, requests for RSVPs or pre-registration, job openings, and kudos, etc. Please indicate if you need your announcement to run more than once.

(Limit 40 characters)
Basic HTML only. Please limit to 2000 characters.