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PCPOP Peer Mentor Application 2014-2015

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Thank you for applying for the Peer Mentor position. The Peer Mentor Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP) is a full year commitment. We are excited to review you as a candidate for the program. Below you will find the mission of Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program and what is expected of a peer mentor in the Peer Connections Program.

Purpose of Program
The Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP) is a full year mentoring program designed to achieve academic outcomes. PCPOP provides a great start for traditionally underrepresented first year students of color, first generation college students and intercultural student populations adjust to campus life at Grinnell College. PCPOP will provide excellent academic tools to help incoming students develop intellectual and leadership skills as they transition from the home community to Grinnell. Additionally, PCPOP exists to help first year students easily adjust to college both personally and socially. Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program is a valuable enrichment program to begin a successful Grinnell career by meeting new peers, faculty and staff members of the college.

Fall 2014- Spring 2015 Peer Mentor Expectations:
• Report to Grinnell in mid August for mandatory training and skill building modules
• Attend Peer Connections Institute, a training program in mid- August 2014
• Assist with PCPOP student orientation, IPOP International Student Orientation & NSO
• Develop a positive partnership with assigned mentee during the year long program
• Guide first year students in their adjustment to the Grinnell campus and provide knowledge of the full range of available campus resources
• Serve as a leader and a role model for the new students
• Support Intercultural Affairs initiatives throughout the college community and help foster and sustained important alumni relationships.

Personal interviews will be offered to Peer Mentor candidates in the Multicultural Suites.

If you have any questions about the Peer Connections program or the application process please call x3062 (JRC #209T)

Please provide two references