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Reservation Request for CRSSJ Meeting Rooms

Due date(s): 

If you are interested in booking space a the CRSSJ to hold a meeting, training, discussion, bible study, recognition/appreciation, or other activity, please complete this form to request your date(s) and time(s).  Please note that you will be contacted by our office to confirm or deny your reservation reqest.

Do you have special needs for your group? Questions about the facilities?
Stop by the CRSSJ to see the space and chat. Or contact us at x4981 or [laubej].

Do you wish to protect the confidential nature of your group? We will post your Event Name as "Confidential Group" so that other users know only that the space is reserved but not by whom. (Example: Instead of Eating Disorder Help Group)
Contact Information

Who will be your main contact for this event /event series?

1st Choice: Preferred Location2nd Choice: Will Work if Need BeNot Interested in This Space
Prayer Garage
Lounge/Hospitality Area
Keep in mind that your request is subject to availability. Questions? contact Julie at x4981.
This number is used to determine if we will be able to accommodate the size of your group as well as for tracking purposes of our building usage.
Occurance / Recurrance:

Please select the combination of frequency and days from below. Check all that apply.

Select a number to indicate which week(s) of the month AND a day to indicate which day(s) of that week.
Time Frame Set Up

Please give us an indication of how long you wish to reserve the space(s) for your use. Also note any times you will not use it such as during break.


If you would like us to help advertise your event in the Campus Memo or on the CRSSJ website schedule of events, please provide a description of your event/meeting inviting the campus community to join you. We recommend a short paragraph of 3-6 sentences. Sample 1: We meet the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. ** Lunch is provided. If you would like to join us for lunch, email [sjag] by Sunday p.m. Questions: Call the CRSSJ x4981. Sample 2: Grinnell Meditation provides weekly sits for anyone interested in meditation. We welcome regular meditators and beginners alike. Each sit will be no shorter than 30 minutes and no longer than 60. In general, every third sit will be an alternative practice. Email [meditation] if you have any questions.