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Scholars' Convocation Proposals

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The Convocation Committee

 The Convocation Committee solicits proposals for Convocation speakers for the upcoming academic year and beyond. 2012-13 Convocation Planning Committee (dates indicates when terms of service are scheduled to end)

  • Jared Weinman (2015)
  • Tim Arner (2013)
  • Katya Gibel Mevorach (2014)

Convocation Proposals

Proposals for the 2013-14 academic year are DUE November 16, 2012. Preliminary proposals for future years are still being accepted. By allowing for a multi-year horizon, we may be able to invite speakers whose schedules of engagement are very full. Divisions, departments, faculty or staff groups, individual faculty or staff members, or student groups may submit proposals. In making its decisions, the Committee will consider several factors:

  • the candidate's prominence in the field and reputation as a public speaker
  • the appeal of the topic to a broad campus constituency
  • enhancements of the person's impact through tie-ins with courses or programs on campus
  • the topical balance of the Convocation program overall
  • breadth of sponsorship
  • calendar spacing and budget
  • specificity of the proposal

The Committee can offer support including:

  • a stipend of $1,500. In some cases where the public or campus impact of the speaker is likely to be great (and the speaker's fee is commensurably great) we are able to offer considerably more.
  • airfare
  • ground transportation
  • one dinner and one opportunity for student interaction
  • lodging

After a proposal is accepted the Committee will:

  • request the proposers to extend formal invitations to speakers
  • ensure that a commitment is obtained from the speaker and an agreed budget by the first Friday of the first week of spring semester classes.
  • create a schedule of commitments and a draft of budget obligations to determine whether any further offers can be made
Funding Request
Speakers may be reimbursed for mileage if they drive themselves.
Enter $0 if funding is coming from another source; enter $1,500 if applying for the standard Convocation Committee honorarium. A more substantial honorarium may be available for unusually high-profile, high-impact, high-cost speakers. If requesting such a special honorarium from the Convocation Committee, enter the amount and provide additional rationale in the biographical or impact fields above.
$50/night for Grinnell House, cost is more if housed off-campus.