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Science Summer Research Application Form

Due date(s): 

This is a common application for the Science Division, submit only one application.

Application Timeline: 
Applications due -- 5th week in spring semester -- Friday, February 21, 2014.
Notification of offers -- To be announced.
Accept/decline offers -- To be announced.

Start/end dates for summer research are set by department or individual faculty. Use this form to apply for a summer research position in any of the science departments. Open to Grinnell College students only.

Contact Person: Mary Lyons

Contact Information:
Noyce Science Center - 1232

Enter your area of study: a major, concentration, or program name.
Enter your current grade point average at the College.
List your research opportunity choices in order of preference (a first choice is required, rest optional). Give faculty name and department, and project name (if known) for each of your choices.
Use this area to list all your science division courses (completed and currently enrolled), the grades earned, and instructors' names.
Briefly describe any previous research experience.
Briefly describe your interest in research (relating to the faculty you listed in your choices) and your possible career plans.
List other research programs to which you have applied (or will apply) for this summer.
Indicate the earliest date you are available to begin summer research.
Are there any time constraints that might affect your summer schedule?
Please explain any time constraints affecting your summer schedule.