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Selfie Letter

Consider what you know now compared to what you knew when you were 17, before you came to Grinnell. What would you want your 17-year-old self to know before that first semester of college? What parts of the Grinnell experience would you want to make sure you didn’t miss? How can you prove to yourself that Grinnell is the best fit for you? Were you looking to be a sports star? Did a relative push Grinnell, or perhaps a public university, before you decided? What made the difference?

The Office of Communications staff would like you to share your thoughts in a selfie letter, whether you write a few lines or a page (about 500 words). We’ll collect these for possible use later, but don’t worry — we’ll be sure to check with you first. If you prefer, email your letter to communications[at]grinnell[dot]com. Need inspiration? Check out our sample selfie letter.

Please include your full name, class year, and an email address or other contact information.

This should be fun, and illuminating. Thanks for sharing.