Statement of Complaint and Request for Hearing

Due date(s): 
I understand that by filing this Statement of Complaint and Request for Hearing form the respondent(s) will be provided a copy of this complaint and any attachments, in rare and specific instances, proper law enforcement officials and/or other College administrators will be notified in order to comply with reporting requirements. I further understand that the respondent(s) will be given two business days (48 hours) to respond in writing to this complaint. A copy of the respondent’s Statement of Response will be given to me, although I will not respond to the respondent's statement until a hearing is convened. I also understand that should I choose to have an adviser to the hearing, he/she/zi must be someone from the Grinnell College community. I recognize that no party or participant at the hearing has the right to be represented by legal counsel. I also recognize that I am expected to speak for myself and understand the adviser’s role is to help the complainant and/or respondent prepare for the hearing, advise on the procedural aspects of the hearing, as well as to be a non-participating supporter at the hearing. By signing this Statement of Complaint and Request for Hearing form, I understand and acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Procedures for Complaint Filing and Hearing, and/or I have acknowledged that I have access to the online Student Handbook. I also acknowledge that this Statement of Complaint and Request for Hearing form, any written statements made by me or the respondent(s), as well as any other material(s) related to this matter may be read only by appropriate College officials, hearing board members, respondent(s), advisers, myself and appropriate law enforcement officials (if required). I understand that I have recourse to the civil authorities for any alleged violation of local, state, or federal law.