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Student Teacher Evaluation


Directions: From the given range, 1 (lowest), 3 (average), 5 (highest) - 2 and 4 being between descriptions, please select the number you believe represents the student's overall level of performance. Comments can address specific details from the descriptions.

A. Student Learning

The practitioner understands how students learn and develop and provides learning opportunities that support intellectual, career, social and personal development.

Developmentally Appropriate Instruction

1 -Provides learning opportunities that frequently are too complex, without adequate support or scaffolding, or are otherwise developmentally inappropriate. -Directions are incomplete or confusing. -Fails to consider the whole child by focusing on one area of development to the exclusion of others. 3 -Provides learning opportunities usually appropriate for students. -Directions detail the essentials but could be improved by more modes of presentation or more modeling of expectations. -Considers most areas of development but may ignore some. 5 -Provides learning opportunities based on good understanding of how students learn and develop. -Provides directions appropriate to developmental level. -Considers the development of the whole child, including intellectual, social, career and personal development.