(also description of nominator employer type/nominee area of accomplishment)

*Descriptions are provided as mere guidance, and are not meant to be all-inclusive; for purposes of filling out the online nomination form, choose the description or descriptions that best represents the nominator’s or nominee’s situation.

Agriculture, Food: a focus on agricultural programs, food service, or food distribution programs

Animal Related: a focus on animal protection and welfare, wildlife preservation/protection, veterinary services, zoos, or zoological societies

Arts, Culture, and Media: a focus on performing or visual arts, fostering ethnic and cultural awareness and understanding, or a focus on media

Business: for-profit endeavors in any area, including chemical, consulting, entertainment, financial, food, renewable energy, retail, technology, and trade, among others

Civil and Human Rights: a focus on human rights advocacy in cases where governing structures do not provide for these rights or where there is a lack of resources to ensure human rights, either domestically or internationally

Crime, Legal Services: a focus on crime prevention or on law and legal services

Education: a focus on education at the primary level, secondary level, post-secondary level, or in special education institutions or programs

Environmental Sustainability, Protection, and Conservation: a focus on environmental sustainability; protecting/conserving water resources (including wetlands), land resources (including forests), and energy resources

Government: a focus on country-level government, state/province-level government, or municipal/county-level government (including police, fire, administrative, or elected officials)

Health: a focus on issues related to the health care industry (e.g. public health, nutrition, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, wellness, mental health) or health care infrastructure

Human Services: a focus on services that promote human well-being

International Development, Foreign Affairs, and National Security: a focus on multidisciplinary approaches to international human development, foreign aid, economic development, diplomacy, or security, through governments or NGOs

Philanthropy and Volunteerism: a focus on the promotion of initiatives or non-paid service that is aimed at the "human good" by individual and/or public entities to address any issue area

Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and Relief: a focus on services related to general safety or disaster situations, such as search and rescue services, natural disaster evacuation and recovery, fire prevention/protection/control, and disaster monitoring and accountability

Religion, Spiritual Development: a focus on addressing the religious and spiritual needs of individuals and communities, through activities such as organized religious services or counseling

Research, Think Tank: a focus on using research in a wide range of areas including anthropology, sociology, economics, behavior science, political science, population studies, demographics (including geography), law, or international law to enrich debate and provide information or advocacy

Social Entrepreneurship: a focus on promoting or engaging in social entrepreneurship (e.g. Ashoka)

Youth Leadership, Development: a focus on developing youth participation and leadership in community services clubs, agricultural programs, business organizations, citizenship programs, or religious leadership programs

No Focus Area

Other: in your own words, describe the focus area, employer type, or area of accomplishment of your employer, organization, or nominee