Quality Assurance & Website Standards

Web Group Subcommittee


The Quality Assurance and Website Standards committee:

  • helps educate the College community about the importance of standards and what standards are put in place.
  • works with all other committees in developing relevant standards.
  • reviews requests for customizations in terms of the established standards.



Grinnell College has traditionally had a very hands-off approach to how our website and sub-sites are structured and designed. This gives different areas a lot of freedom, but also creates some problems for our visitors. With standards and best practices, our goal is to make the site easier for our visitors and users, improve search results, improve navigation, and reduce workloads.  Some changes may be implemented immediately, others made as we convert to a new system, and still others may be adopted as people have time or wish to make changes.


  • Standard—principles that should always be adhered to. Most recommendations will not reach this level. Standards may be based on world-wide standards, or have severe enough consequences that we, as a College, decide to make something required.
  • Best Practice—something that is recommended or suggested because it tends to work well, but is not required.


Back by popular demand: More Drupal Intro Training.  We scheduled this training on a weekend so students could attend, but faculty and staff are also welcome.  The more, the merrier.

Date: Saturday, February 7

Time: 10am-12pm (Intro/Standards), 1pm...


It takes a lot of people doing a lot of work to make an institution like Grinnell College run.  We're all busy.

This can make it hard to get help from other people who are just as busy. as you  Similarly, it's hard for the Web Guys to offer you help that fits in both your and our...


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