The Rosenfield Center is the central gathering place at Grinnell. In addition to space for a range of campus offices, it contains the central dining room and kitchens of the College, the Spencer Grill, the Crady Mail Room, recreational areas and lounges, a multipurpose room,...

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Annual Reports Office of the Ombuds Annual Report February 2013 - January 2014

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Can you relate to this? You know you need to talk to someone about an important issue — a co-worker, your boss, a family member or even a good friend.  You haven’t stepped up to the conversation. Not really. You may have danced around the issue or sugarcoated your message. Or...

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The Grinnell College Ombuds Office was established to provide an independent, neutral point of view in an informal and confidential environment.  The Ombuds will listen and inform, research issues to help generate options, and coach individuals on how to deal with difficult and...