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Cy Mistry ’11 has learned much about political science in the classrooms of Grinnell College. His interest has carried him far from Iowa to Kyiv, Ukraine, where he recently had the opportunity to dive into the real world of international politics at the 55th General Assembly of...
  The Strategic Planning process, begun with a Board of Trustees retreat in June, is in full swing on campus with students, faculty, staff, and alumni involved in working groups on an aggressive timeline.  A 24-member Steering Committee, co-chaired by David Lopatto, chair of the...
Issue: Spring 2009 Author: Ross Preston '10 Thinking back to the summer before I came to Grinnell, I recall an inordinate amount of anticipation for everything Grinnell-related that came my way. I would check my Grinnell e-mail account, only to find no new messages. I was...

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Institutional Planning develops and supports Grinnell’s strategic planning, budget planning, and campus planning processes. Institutional Planning serves to guide, and to serve as a resource for sustainable, collaborative institution-wide strategic, campus, and budget planning.
Grinnell College’s investment office manages the College’s endowment in accordance with the College’s investment policy and its endowment spending policy.