The Burling Media Room, located on the lower level of Burling Library, houses a collection of nearly 7000 documentary and feature films in DVD, VHS and Blu-ray formats as well as a collection of over 22,000 audio recordings primarily in compact disc format.   The facilities offer eight viewing stations with high-definition monitors for individual use or for small groups of up to six persons and two listening stations connected to a variety of playback equipment--from turntables to a reel-to-reel audiotape player--housed in the Media Room office. 

Formerly known as the Listening Room, the Burling Media Room holds a video collection of American and international films covering a wide spectrum of genres and encompassing the history of film from the silent era to present day.  The audio collection, while focused on Classical music from the European tradition, has an extensive selection of Jazz recordings, World music and a growing collection of popular music.   The collection also holds decades of concerts produced by Grinnell College musical groups and music recordings by Grinnell College faculty, students, staff, and guests.

The room's physical space underwent a significant renovation in the summer of 2011 that allows patrons to have direct access to a majority of the collections.

Please see the collection description for more information about the Libraries' media collections.

The Burling Media Room maintains a print Movie Browser of films in its collection.

Burling Media Room staff coordinate a variety of events during the year, including the annual Favorite Films Festival, where the campus community is invited to vote for its favorites in different film categories.  This event is also co-sponsored by the Student Government Association's Films Committee.