Bob Dole posing with Sarah Purcell '92 and Art Heimann.

Former Republican Senator Bob Dole at Grinnell's veterans' memorial, posing with Sarah Purcell '92, Director of the Rosenfield Program and associate professor of history (left); and Art Heimann, Mayflower resident and World War II veteran.

On Senator Chuck Grassley:
"You're getting your money's worth with him."

On bipartisanship:
"I'm an R and you're a D, but can't we work on this together?"

On his popularity in Iowa:
"I'm the president of Iowa."

On the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.:
"This memorial was not built by the government -- that's why it's still standing." Also, "It's paid for."

On the 10,000 American servicemen who lost their lives on D-Day:
"Ten thousand never drew another breath ... never had a chance to go to college ... to be fathers. ... There is no way to repay them."

On all the men and women who have died in the service of their country:
"They gave their lives for us ... You can't measure their sacrifices."

On our servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan:
"They're the greatest generation now, and I think we're happy to pass the baton."

On Iraq:
"It's not over yet."

On the U.S. role in fighting world hunger:
"Whenever we had to -- whenever there was a crisis -- we were there."

On the American people:
"What a country! ... We're good solid compassionate peace-loving people."

More on the American people:
"We're doing all right in this country ... we like to complain -- that's an American tradition."

On the help he got during his recovery from war wounds:
"People are so good, wherever you live."

On President-Elect Barack Obama and his campaign:
"Obama was a good candidate -- he gave good speeches. ... Now he gets a chance."

On the 2008 Republican losses:
"I think the American people were a little upset with the Republican Party. ... We kind of lost our way on spending. ... We've got a big hole to dig ourselves out of."

On Republican nominee John McCain:
"He joins the loser's club."

On the bailout of the financial system:
"I don't know where we're getting all the money. Where does it stop?"

More on the financial bailout:
"What do they call it when the government owns your business? Isn't that an S-word?"

On his involvement in major farm bills as a senator:
"I was up to my ears in ethanol!"

This article appeared as a web extra for The Grinnell Magazine, Winter 2008.

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