Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2009 4:13 pm | By Caitlin Wells ’08

Caitlin Wells ’08It was so hard to narrow down my favorite Titular Head films to a list of 10, and even harder to rank them. (As my friend Allison put it, "It's like having to chose your favorite child!")

I've chosen these films based on multiple, wholly subjective criteria. I tried to include as many videos as I could that are available online, but several are not for one reason or another. Also, almost all of these films contain some measure of violence, strong language, and/or references to drug and alcohol use (they were made by college students, after all). If you are easily offended, you should probably just turn away now.

  1. Racquetball Tunak Tunak Tun — Widely considered the greatest Titular Head film ever made (although Star Wars Grinnell has given it a run for its money). From breathtaking stunts to inappropriate nostalgia inspired by someone getting hit in the face with a cup of Forum coffee, Racquetball has it all.
  2. Star Wars Grinnell - This film, which won the 2009 competition, sets a new bar for special effects. Definitely the most technically accomplished film ever made.
  3. Burling (I Do It All the Time) - I tend to write papers at the last minute, and could often be found squirreled away in a corner of Burling the night before a big paper was due, surrounded by piles of books. So yeah, this film speaks to me.
  4. The Day I Put On That Cape Is the Day I Got a Girlfriend - I love the style of this movie. It is a timeless story about love, loss, fights in the Burling stairwell, and running around campus like a dinosaur.
  5. The Resounding Death of Playtime — RKO gives Brian Fritsch '06 a reality check. The look on Brian's face when the music kicks in makes me giggle every time.
  6. A Fresh Movie - This was one of the first Titular Head movies I watched. Sadly, the audio has been disabled by YouTube, but just sing the Mentos song in your head and you'll be fine.
  7. Weapon of Choice — Winner of 2008 Titular Head. Watch the music video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" starring Christopher Walken to understand why this video is so genius.
  8. Steven Hawking's Fantastic Universe — This was shown my first year, and I came very close to falling out of my seat laughing.
  9. Space Cup Goes to Mars — Cute story about a dining hall cup that takes a fantastic journey.
  10. Drop — I still have no idea how Ian Young '08 managed to make this video. It boggles my mind. Someday I'll be less lazy and try watching it backwards, but until then I'll just marvel at it.

These aren't all Titular Head has to offer. You can find more videos online (Google Video seems to have the widest selection; search for "titular head"), and DVDs of past entries are archived in the Listening Room in Burling Library.


Originally published as an online web extra for The Grinnell Magazine, Summer 2009