This article appeared as a web extra for The Grinnell Magazine, Spring 2008.

Chef Harry carrying a huge watermelon at the back of a vehicle
Chef Harry Schwartz '79
Harry in front of a table with ingredients, class of students watch him, and the bus is visible through the windows
Harry Schwartz teaches kids about how fun and tasty healthy food can be.
Chef Harry and family pose for the camera on a city street
Chef Harry with wife of 28 years, Laurie, daughter Alexa, 19, a junior at Bowdoin College.
Harry holds at small dog in the front of a carriage. the other two sit at the back, facing forward.
Seeing the sights via carriage ride with wife Laurie, daughter Alexa, and dog Blitz.
Harry poses with the group of kids in a kitchen. Harry and a kid both point at a laughing girl in front of them
Goofing around with kids on the tour bus.
Harry is opening the front door on the buss
Get on the bus...
Harry and reporter in front of a table laden with food in front of the bus
Chef Harry loves to be in front of the cameras, as he is here on "Fox and Friends" in New York City.

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