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 Advisers' Handbook

Essential Advising Resources

College Philosophy and Policy:

Questions about College regulations or practices not answered in these sources should be addressed to Joyce Stern, Dean for Student Academic Support and Advising, x3702, Paula Smith, Dean of the College, x4268, or Cheryl Chase, Registrar, x3450. Answers are often just one phone call away.

Information About Your Advisee:

Advisee data is in two places: in 'hard copy,' in the student's advising file folder, and electronically, online via PioneerWeb "Advising Information"( Each adviser receives a file folderof information about each new advisee. Tutors should take time to thoroughly review these folders prior to New Student Orientation. These folders contain

  • high school transcript;
  • admission application, including essay;
  • Adviser Information Form - completed by the student in the summer before arrival;
  • approval of transfer or advanced placement credits, if any;
  • standardized test scores;
  • an academic planning worksheet called 'Four Years at Glance'; and
  • math and foreign language placement information.

Each piece of information in the folder lends insight into the new student you are about to meet, from data such as grades and test scores to a personal essay reflecting the student's values and significant life experiences. The Adviser Information Form, which the students complete during the summer prior to fall enrollment, includes information about the student's goals at college, including a list of possible courses for the fall. The form asks the student to list several courses so that there is room for adjustment, but good advising may lead to other courses in the final registration. Initially, there will not be much advising information on PioneerWebthat's not already in the file folder, but as the semesters pass, critical information will appear online. Within PioneerWeb advisers can access:

  • grades
  • credits earned
  • standardized and placement test scores
  • course schedules
  • GPA
  • academic evaluation of progress toward a major and the degree.

Because advisers are not sent individual grade reports or course schedules, advisers should review the status of their advisees online. Excellent times to do this are at the beginning of the semester and just prior to a pre-registration advising appointment. Another feature of Pioneer Web, academic evaluations, can be particularly helpful to students and advisers as they develop a four-year plan and as a device for monitoring progress towards graduation. Essentially it's a summary (printable) of a student's "degree audit"; it includes courses completed, courses in progress, and transfer credits organized by division and by department. The academic evaluation should be consulted prior to pre-registration each semester and any time there is a question about a change in registration, major, or other program.