Assistant Professor contributed an op/ed to The Advocate, "How Queers and Latinos Helped Make Miami an Art Capital." Following is an excerpt:

In many ways, the art scene in Miami has developed parallel to greater Miami’s LGBT nightlife — something best experienced outside the white walls of the Miami Beach Convention Center and the many tented art fairs. Drag queens still strut on the sidewalk at the newly located Palace Bar on Ocean Drive in South Beach, while specific events and exhibition venues provide a focus on the unique LGBT scene and experience within the city.
Starting with more humble beginnings in 2002, Art Basel Miami Beach proper has since expanded into a compendium of art fairs, with VIP parties and nightclubs recreating an atmosphere akin to a contemporary The Birdcage. Art Basel has marked Miami as a global capital for the arts. Miami’s transformation as a mecca of the arts cannot be disconnected from the transformations created by its LGBT residents.