Friday, Nov. 1, 2013 9:09 pm | 2013-11-01 21:09:00 | Iowa

Jon Neiderbach announced this morning that he will seek the Democratic nomination for Iowa state auditor in 2014. An attorney, Neiderbach served a term on the Des Moines School Board and worked in state government for many years, first at the Legislative Fiscal Bureau and later at the Iowa Department of Human Services. I've posted more background on Neiderbach after the jump, along with the introductory post from his campaign website, In that post, he praised the work of longtime Republican State Auditor Richard Johnson but argued that "recent State Auditors have violated our trust."


They have myopia, looking only at what is close to them: how money is handled. Of course money handling is very important, but they ignore the larger and even more critical issues the State Auditor is required by law to address.

Our recent State Auditors have not examined the quality of management, the efficiency of operations, or the effectiveness of programs. They have allowed theft and fraud to go undiscovered for years, using clearly inadequate auditing procedures. And to make matters worse, recent State Auditors have gotten involved in politics: they have become spokespersons for Governor Branstad's policies and rubber stamps for the political cronies he has appointed.

Neiderbach is referring to Johnson's successor David Vaudt, who served as state auditor from 2003 through April of this year, and to Mary Mosiman, whom Governor Terry Branstad appointed after Vaudt resigned.

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 Jon Neiderbach, ‘78