"Data Science: Computation and Visualization" is a three-day workshop in June, 2018, for faculty who want to better prepare students in meeting the challenges of formatting, analyzing, and visualizing increasingly complex and large data sets. The workshop focuses on incorporating data-based decision making and visualization techniques into courses from all disciplines. 

Hosted by Grinnell College and supported by a grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, the workshop will feature talks and activities led by:

  • Nick Horton, professor of statistics at Amherst College;
  • Danny Kaplan, DeWitt Wallace Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at Macalester College; and
  • Randy Pruim, professor of mathematics and statistics at Calvin College.

Two workshop tracks are planned.

The first track is intended for faculty with little or no previous experience using R and Rstudio and will introduce participants to some tools for data analysis and visualization.

The second track is intended for faculty with some previous experience using R and RStudio and will develop additional skills in these platforms. 

Applications for participation will be reviewed beginning March 31.  Preference will be given to participants who are arriving with a specific topic of interest, or are planning to attend as part of a team of two or more faculty from the same institution, often with one member being someone with experience in statistics. 

For more details about the workshop and how to register, visit the workshop website.

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