With the recent move to overhaul the federal student loan program , it's an appropriate time to reassess the impact of debt on college graduates. Grinnell College President Russell Osgood believes that while education loans have been criticized for overly encumbering students, there is a strong case that students are more engaged with their education when they have a personal financial stake in it. At Grinnell, the longstanding approach is to meet 100 percent of a domestic student’s demonstrated need. In addition, Grinnell has championed reducing student indebtedness by capping loans (currently at $2,000 per year) and implementing a loan forgiveness program for seniors. More commentary from President Osgood can be found in this online video. If you would like to interview Russell Osgood about Grinnell’s financial aid policy and trends in higher education, please contact Grinnell Communication at 641-269-3404.

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