We at The Grinnell Magazine know good photography is an essential part of the experience of reading the magazine, and thus we take it very seriously. Photography allows you to see, as well as read about, the Grinnell campus as it exists today.

As we near the final stages of each issue, we bring freelance photographer Jim Heemstra to campus for one or two days to shoot the photos for the upcoming magazine. It's hard work — for Jim, for us, and for the people who pose for the photos. They often spend as much as an hour and a half posing, smiling (well past the point where they feel smiling), and generally being scrutinized in the smallest detail. It's exhausting.

So when the hard work is done, sometimes we lighten up with a few minutes of silliness. Like the famous Life photographer Philippe Halsman, Jim Heemstra sometimes asks people to become airborne — to literally jump for the last few shots. Halsman persuaded such notables as Richard Nixon and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to launch themselves into the air for his camera; the results were published in a 1959 book titled Philippe Halsman's Jump Book.

Other amusing things sometimes happen on Grinnell photo shoots; for instance, an adorable little dachshund in a flowered collar wanders into the frame and looks as if he were meant to be there all along. Or a family of four all crowds down the slide in a happy heap.

So we want you to know that while we do take our work seriously, and silliness is not always appropriate, every now and then we do lighten up. We hope you enjoy these "outtakes" from The Grinnell Magazine as much as we enjoyed taking them.

For more about Phillippe Halsman, visit When He Said "Jump...":Philippe Halsman defied gravitas.

This article appeared as a web extra for The Grinnell Magazine, Summer 2008.

Young woman in green plaid scarf air guitars while leaping
It’s lucky Erin Sindewald ’08 is a cross country runner — she needed stamina for all the jumping she did for our photographer.
Shot of Lyle's pub from behind the bar with ghostly shapes on the customer side
Ghosts at Lyle’s Pub? Look again. Photographer Jim Heemstra took this long-exposure photo at the end of our shoot. As he covered the lens briefly several times during the exposure, our student models rearranged themselves in new seats at the bar. You’re really seeing ghostly images of the same students, several times over.
Line of students in fun clothing skip towards the camera
OK, these guys were just silly from the get-go. But their costumes and general élan fit the story perfectly. They are, from left to right: Erin Sindewald ’08, Spencer Green ’09, Parvoneh Shirgir ’09, Tinsley Hunsdorfer ’08, Hannah Sayles ’08, Kristen Audet ’08, and Sarah Boyer ’08. Together they make up the English Student Educational Policy Committee ... a somewhat unconventional committee.
Long exposure of man jumping with hands in the air next in bowling alley
What would you do if you bowled 300? OK, what would you do if you bowled two 300 games in a row? Exactly what Doug Jack did — jump for joy. Doug is a member of Grinnell’s dedicated Facilities Management staff, as well as the record-holder for the best bowling series in Poweshiek County.
Shot from upper floor showing one man at the kitchen counter and two in the living room watching one playing guitar
Nothing like Guitar Hero to get a guy airborne ... That’s Sam Tang ’08 getting off the ground in one of the new Cowles apartments.
Young girl on a woman's lap go down a green slide, followed closely by a smaller child on a man's lap
Damon Spayde ’95 (top) and Jessica Henry Spayde ’94 take a ride on the wild slide with their children, Henry and Annabel.
Smiling woman in a Boston Red Sox hat and tshirt jumping
She’s flying! Tamrah Collins ’07 had plenty to celebrate — the Posse member was just about to graduate and take a job with the Boston Red Sox baseball team’s organization.
Three people hugging a medium size dog who's reaching over her shoulder to lick the ear of the man on the left
Doggy kisses are the sweetest ... Well, they’re sincere anyway. We found out how challenging it can be to work with an animal on this shoot, although Guapa, center, was a very cooperative canine model. Here she gives a kiss to Andrew Stephenson ’10, while biology faculty member Liz Queathem (center) and Stephanie Cheung ’11 look on.
Several people in a variety of vests, jackets, sweaters, and news boy hats (and an attractive set of argyle socks) pose in a curve around a dachshund wearing a flowered collar
Who knew? A wiener dog was exactly what this photo needed. This adorable dachshund wandered into our photo shoot and it seemed as if he had belonged there from the start. Posing with the dog are: (l to r) Aki Shibuya ’11, Anand Balasubrahmanyan ’08, Sarah Mirk ’08, Fiona Martin ’08, Matt Zmudka ’11, Linn Davis ’08, Amanda Gotera ’09, James Anthofer ’11, and Molly McCullough ’11.

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