The Center for Prairie Studies offers many ways for you explore the prairie this fall, including:

  • Nightfall on the Prairie
    Join us at the Conard Environmental Research Area on Sept. 6 to experience the allure and beauty of the prairie after the sun sets. Activities include a live-bird presentation on the owls of the prairie, poetry, and an exploration of nighttime insects, and the night sky. 
  • Campus Sustainability Tours
    What is Grinnell College doing about sustainability?  The Center for Prairie Studies and Facilities Management are partnering to sponsor a series of guided tours about sustainability on campus. Tours explore topics like greenspace and land use as well as water and rain use and reuse.
  • Nature Drawing Workshop
    See the details of the prairie through drawing in a one-day workshop on Sept. 14. Explore nature close up, and see a world in natural forms. You’ll focus on observing native prairie plants found at Grinnell College’s Conrad Environmental Research Area (CERA.) 
  • Prairie Festival
    Enjoy the Prairie Festival at CERA, Sept. 21. Come for the local food and live music; stay for the art, a walk in the prairie…and to enjoy the sunshine.
    The festival is held in conjunction with Iowa Prairie Heritage Week, and includes a Meskwaki drum group, group activities, and music by Dave Moore and Dustin Busch.
  • Lecture Series on the "Commons"
    On Oct. 28, Jack Paxton explores "Water We Doing Watering the Commons?"—the first of a year-long examination of the theme of the commons, their use, abuse, and importance, particularly with reference to regional concerns.


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