Have you heard of the Pioneer Book Club? It meets the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Pioneer Bookshop at 823 4th Ave. Visit our blog to see what we've read and what we'll be reading next.

Whether you find yourself to be or not to be a fan of the book, post your comments about the book, particular chapters and characters here on this blog. Due to readers' varying schedules and reading styles, please announce if an upcoming comment is a spoiler for those who have not yet read up to that point in the novel.

All members who contribute posts or comments to posts on this blog will be eligible for a prize. Names will be placed in a drawing and one winner will be randomly chosen. Posts from now until the day before the next scheduled meeting will qualify for the prize drawing.

And remember, fellow book lovers, readers and collectors, even if you don't finish the novel, you are encouraged to join us at the next meeting. At that time we'll select next month's read.

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